Prepare for the future in the face of digital disruption and uncertainty

Design & Build

Design and implement digital solutions for your organisations’ challenges


Give your people the know-how to safely build their own digital solutions


Digital disruption is happening in every industry, forcing organisations to re-imagine their processes and services.


We help organisations envision their future business and design digital transformation strategies which can be executed using the Power Platform and supporting Microsoft cloud technologies.


Typical Activities

  • Envisioning workshop

  • Core capabilities and customer journey mapping

  • Business value and technical assessments

  • Stakeholder onboarding

  • Transformation planning & execution


  • Digital opportunities that will benefit your business

  • Compelling business case for change

  • Shared vision with engaged stakeholders

  • Strategic plan and roadmap

Design & Build

Example use cases:

Organisations are looking at fast and effective ways to increase operational efficiency and deliver better customer experiences through the use of innovative technology.


We work with out clients to design and implement digital applications that meet the needs of employees and customers while quickly adding value to the organisation.

Typical Activities

  • Personas and empathy mapping

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Brainstorming

  • Prototyping

  • Testing, observation and feedback

  • Implementation


  • A digital app that adds value to your business

  • An understanding of what is possible with the Microsoft Power Platform

  • Shared knowledge of a repeatable design and implementation process


The Microsoft Power Platform enables organisations to rapidly transform business processes and create digital solutions by making software development accessible to everyone.

We help organisations adopt the Power Platform by bridging the gap between business teams and IT.  Fostering digital innovation whilst remaining compliant and secure.

Typical Activities

  • Architecture and design

  • Onboard champions and stakeholders

  • Training and education

  • Define guidelines and policies

  • Define and implement application lifecycle management

  • Implement tools for monitoring, alerting and acting


  • Employees can create their own apps under guidance

  • Governance and administration process implemented

  • A plan for adoption and nurturing of the Power Platform

  • Implementation of a Centre of Excellence

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