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Design Thinking

Design thinking enables us to create innovative products, services, processes and strategy.

why design thinking?

Design thinking is a human-centred mindset & approach for creating innovative solutions. It fosters innovative solutions that are human-centred at their core, balanced with the possibilities of technology and the objectives of business success.

Leveraging the diverse ideas, backgrounds and expertise of your team, design thinking encourages creativity by exploring multiple solutions and prioritising those that will be most successful into the future.

Design thinking delivers great outcomes for both business and the end user by starting with a focus on the real needs of end users, creating prototypes, testing with real users and gathering evidence that the solution will succeed.

Design Thinking Balance

Design Thinking Elements

The design thinking approach typically involves iterating through the following elements. It is not a linear process where each element is followed step by step but rather a series of interlinked steps  which loop back to one another as you work towards designing a solution.  It sounds complicated but it is really not.  We are here, with tools and templates to guide you along the way.

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Design Thinking at Apprising

We apply design thinking to our business and our consulting services.  Design thinking is not just for designing products but is widely applied to strategy, processes and services.  Each of our core consulting services (StrategyDesign and Build, and Enablement) use design thinking at their core to ensure the solutions that we deliver are human centered, technically feasible and meet business objectives.