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Empowering Human-Centric
Business Solutions

Unleash the power of collaboration and innovation with our design-led approach to business applications.

AppRising - where technology meets humanity.

We're on a mission to reimagine business application design by making it more collaborative, innovative, and user-focused. Leveraging the power of design thinking and the Microsoft Power Platform, we help organisations transform their digital landscape.


Our approach is simple: create solutions that are not just smart, but also empathetic to the real needs of people. We're not just building applications; we're shaping a future where business success and societal well-being go hand in hand.

Design Thinking Meets Power Platform

Our design-driven services foster seamless collaboration and innovative solutions, empowering your business and its people through technology.

Power Platform Enablement

Unlock the potential of the Power Platform with our enablement blueprint. Your personalised guide to healthy adoption. Empowering your organisation to transform and modernise.


Enable human-centric problem-solving and bring your ideas to life with our expert-led collaborative workshops and Power Platform solution design services. Set your next business application project up for success.

Design Thinking

Give your people the skills and tools to lead collaborative, human-centric design workshops with our interactive, online coaching program. Learn how to balance the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements to business success.

Hi, I'm Hamish

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Hamish Sheild


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A business applications consultant & coach with a passion for human-centered design and innovation.


As the founder of AppRising, I'm dedicated to reimagining the way business applications are designed and built. My superpower is bridging the gap between IT and business teams through collaboration, empathy, and iterative problem-solving. I firmly believe in the power of low-code platforms like Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and I'm on a mission to empower organisations to create user-centric applications that drive business success.

I'm a seasoned consultant and leader with over 15 years of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform space. I've helped clients across a range of industries in both New Zealand and the UK deliver successful software projects that have transformed their business.


As a Microsoft MVP, I'm dedicated to sharing my expertise with others and supporting the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform communities. You can find me on LinkedIn, where I'm always happy to chat and share insights with fellow professionals.

When I'm not busy doing that, I'll be out on the water, wing foiling.

Our Work & Insights

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